Saturday, 17 January 2015

A nice review

It was great to receive some feedback regarding a performance I did in Bridgnorth, near Birmingham, Shropshire to be precise. It was a wedding set in a lovely hotel called Astbury Hall, the chap who owns the hotel was the guitarist for an old band called Judas Priest, he's called K.K Downing. The hotel walls were full of vinyl, I couldn't believe it, such a nice surprise. I was booked to perform magic and pocket picking. I was asked to perform a magic and pocket picking show. During the show, I selected my participant, however on this occasion not very well. He'd just bought a new suit for the wedding and hadn't picked the pocket stitching. His jacket pockets were all lined and his trouser pockets were empty, I know because I tried to lift from him as I welcomed him to the stage. I had to really think on my feet, I went for his watch only to discover he wasn't wearing one. Then I went for his glasses, I looked at his face and he wasn't wearing any. Then it hit me, get in to his inside jacket pocket. I managed it and he didn't have anything in it to steal. All I could do was plant something in his pocket. At this point I'd already been in every pocket, the suspicion must of been high. I decided to get a second participant and leave off the gent for a moment. I wisely selected a gent with a bulged pocket. I managed to steal his wallet which was huge, an old wallet full of cards, money and more cards. I did this under the guise of a 'magic trick'. I managed to somehow get this huge wallet inside the pocket of my original participant undetected, I can stop sweating now, the dirty work is done. It was seriously hard but the work paid off and the result was fantastic. 

After my show I performed around the room with magic and I spotted a man loading sugar cubes in to a gents jacket. I took advantage and managed to load almost a bowl full in to his as a little surprise for him. Ok they were small bowls!

Here's the review :

"You were a last minute addition to our wedding plans and we're so glad we managed to hire you for the day. The show was so funny and the kids followed you like a little entourage by the end of the evening cause they loved your magic so much! Thank you."

It was a nice surprise to receive this. Thanks Susan.


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