Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Astonishment Night

Astonishment nightHalloween is always a busy time of the year for me. This halloween week I have 13 shows to perform and I can't wait.

Now for some exciting news:
On November 7th I will be hosting an evening of Close up magic at the Abbey Mill. It's set to be a fantastic evening.

You can purchase tickets for the event at The Abbey Mill or by purchasing at my event ticket website by clicking- HERE - TADAA.CO.UK - Also included in the ticket price is a fantastic buffet!!

If you fancy a rare opportunity to experience the closest thing to real magic, be sure to come along to Joel's evening. There are exactly 30 seats available and once they're gone.. well, they're gone!

This may well be my final event of 2013 and it's set to be truly memorable.

For full details on how to book a magician in Cumbria head over to Joel website at www.joel-dickinson.co.uk


  1. Hello Joel. Nice blog! Better than mine! Game Salad wont work :(

  2. Hi Frank. It's not better than you'rs mate. Your blog is excellent. Oh no.. why won't game salad work?