Tuesday, 8 October 2013

On Wednesday the 16th October I'm entering the North Western Stage Magic Championships (at the Lisdoonie Hotel - Barrow in Furness)

You can buy tickets on the door for only £4 and it's a great evening of magic.

On with my blog post.
I'm currently sat in hospital and it's running two hours late.

The couple opposite me were very confused. Both of National Geographic magazines somehow moved from one end of the table to the other!

Did I make them move with the power of my mind. Of course not. I discreetly untied my shoe lace and kept hold of one end, I simply picked up the magazines and acted interested in reading them. I secretly placed the end of the lace under the magazines and moved them as far back as my lace would allow them and so placed them down in the table. It was a matter of waiting a minute - then I slowly moved my foot back which took the lace and books with it - a miracle!

Talk about thinking on your feet

Oh it's been a long wait in this hospital

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