Thursday, 17 October 2013

NWSM Stage Champion

On the 16th October (Yesterday) I entered the North West Stage Magic Championships for the NWSM.

I performed alongside some fantastic entertainers, comrades!

Everybody performed a ten minute spot which was judged by three magicians; Jonathan Nicholson, Chris Taylor and Terry Crawford.

My performance contained a selection of effects and routines I have been working and writing.

Unfortunately time ran out and I didn't get to perform my finale but somehow I still managed to come first place. In third place was Rodger Heath and in Second was Stan Dacre. However the competition was HOT as everybody performed at a very high standard.

As performers we were very lucky to have such an amazing audience.

The evening was compered by my good friend Adam Hudson.

The evening was in aid of the North West Air Ambulance Service.
(Adam Hudson, Roger Heath, Bob Johnson, Joel Dickinson, Peter Fitchett, Steve 'Stan' Dacre, Terry Crawford, Anthony 'Magic Man' Collins, Izaak Currie)

Adam Hudson was our compere for the evening and as always, he glued the show together better than pritt stick. Adam is the UHU Glue of the magic compering world. The audience gasped as he performed many pieces of magic. Somehow he caused a spectators coin to vanish from their hands and it reappeared in a sealed box which was in a box, which was in another box and that box was also in a box, which was in another factory sealed box, which was in another box, which was screwed together and in that box.. you'd never believe it.. there was.. another box and in that box was the spectators very signed coin!

Roger Heath performed an amazing mind reading effect where by a volunteer merely thought of playing card and Roger revealed this card.. not only that it was the only card in his pocket - WOW!! This really floored the audience.. and me! (Third)

Bob Johnson managed to predict the exact amount of cash in a volunteer's pocket. Sounds impossible... well it is and it's a shame you missed it!!

Peter Fitchet performed as a magical scientist and teleported his monkey from one side of the stage to the other with much hilarity along the way. (Originality award)

Steve 'Stan' Dacre was on fire, not literally BUT his quick fire gags had the audience in hysterics (and me). It was great to see Stan perform some brand new material with many gags he has developed himself. (Comedy Award & Second)

Anthony Collins has a very nice natural manor on stage, this is a skill in itself. Being yourself on stage in front of many people is very difficult and this is a skill Anthony has honed. My personal highlight of Anthony's performance was when he played roulette with the roll of a dice. Five cups and only one contained a razor sharp, rusty nail! Anthony managed to avoid slamming his hand down on the nail. This is a stunt which has gone wrong many times and to the audiences amazement and relief it wen't well this time!!

Izaak Currie managed to read his volunteers mind by turning them in to an arial and tuning them.
Izaak also brought a selection of very comical props which his audience members brought to life

All round, what an excellent night!

Many thanks.


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